Portfolio Startups

Discover our portfolio of innovative startups that we’ve brought to life from ideation to successful launch, with over 1,000+ paying customers combined. Each startup is a testament to our passion for innovation and commitment to building world-class startups. We’re excited to see where their journeys take them next.

BridgePay (Financial Technology Company)

This platform is designed to help Nigerians 🇳🇬 who face challenges with Naira cards when making international payments in dollars or any foreign currency. BridgePay offers a payment service by using its globally acceptable card to pay for the items you have added to their cart, if the payment doesn’t go through, you get a full refund. You can also request a dollar card and make your payments. 

BridgePay has recorded a 99.999% success rate of online international payment with traction of 400+ paying customers, and 45 Million Naira in processed volume within 15 months of launching its MVP.

mira Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence Company)

mira Intelligence is a powerful AI-driven business intelligence platform that helps businesses of all stages create clear and simple business plans, financial projections, and strategic marketing plans.

JekaEat Nigeria Limited

Jekaeat is a food technology start-up company. It serves as a digital platform to deliver well-prepared premium and mid-budget food prepared by restaurants, eateries, and food vendors to urban consumers.

To-Go Mobility

To Go is a mobile application platform designed to provide ride booking, sharing and ticketing services for internal regions across cities and states with current focus on Nigeria and to begin with the residents of Minna city and Lagos.

Varex City (Real Estate)

Varex City is built to make it easier for families and individuals to own their own homes and book short-term rentals. Our piloting state is Minna, Niger State and Kaduna.

Currently, our venture studio is looking to raise investment for this startup. Join our growth journey and become a partner in Varex City’s success. Contact us today to discuss investment/partnership opportunities.

Varex Store (E-Commerce)

Early on, we wanted starting Varex Store to be a go-to wholesale beverage supplier, offering a wide range of drinks at unbeatable prices. Our advanced eCommerce platform provides an easy and convenient way for customers to access our products. 

With our optimized logistics system, we guarantee fast and reliable delivery times of 10 to 25 minutes. Our commitment to exceptional service and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the industry.

After relooking into the grassroot problem, we decided to pivot into becoming the AliExpress of Kaduna and Minna by taking locally produced goods to meet global standard via branding, packaging and marketing.

Currently, our venture studio is looking to raise investment for this startup. Join our growth journey and become a partner in Varex Store’s success. Contact us today to discuss investment opportunities.