Provarex Events

We want to build a friendly and impactful network of founders, investors, and organizations. We put a lot of effort into creating unique experiences for startups, businesses, and our audiences. We also value in-person interaction and organize events such as workshops, summits, meetups, hangouts, and community gatherings to foster strong connections, and when people come together, big ideas are always discussed. Join us and let’s build something amazing together!

01. Business and Tech Summit

The summit aims to gather a diverse group of 500 individuals, including final and early-year students, business owners, and aspiring start-up founders, to discuss a range of topics across various sectors like health and nutrition, agriculture, construction, tech startups, fashion related to business, entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, and economic growth.


02. Startup Garage

Start-Up Garage is a weekly program organized by Provarex Campus to assist tech talents and startup founders in acquiring the necessary knowledge for building world-class startups and tech-enabled businesses.

Our sessions are led by experienced entrepreneurs who have navigated the complexities of establishing their own startups and businesses.