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Our Story

It all began with my exploration of various fields, including graphic design, web page design, computer repair, printing, WordPress development, project management, UI/UX design, startup building, freelancing, photography, and more. I spent a significant amount of time searching for my true career path, realizing that it’s not something one discovers in a day, a week, or even a year. It took nearly a decade for me to gain clarity about the direction I wanted my career to take. The only constant throughout this journey was my desire to create and build.

Throughout my freelancing and career with SMEs, schools and startups, I witnessed how my diverse experiences contributed to the growth and development of several businesses. I also ventured into building various products and startups, some of which didn’t achieve the expected success. However, these experiences enriched my knowledge, and I continued to pursue my goal of creating a world-class business.

Eventually, I founded our venture studio, driven by the desire to leverage our accumulated expertise to launch startups internally and collaborate with other founders. Our studio provides a wealth of key experts and management skills, allowing us to turn ideas into successful ventures. This decision stemmed from my aspiration to create an environment that nurtures innovative ideas—a collaborative and diverse space where experts from various sectors can come together to bring ideas to life.

ALABI, Abdulhafeez,
Founder and Innovation Director.

About Us

Provarex Venture Studio is a team of founders, entrepreneurs and executives dedicated to launching and scaling startups. We believe that the best startups are born from a combination of innovative ideas, experienced execution, and access to the right resources.

Our team has a diverse range of skills and experiences, including business analysts, product managers, software engineers, project managers, UI/UX designers, marketing officers, media pros, and more. We have learned from our successes and failures, and we are committed to using our knowledge and expertise to build and grow startups to success.

We believe that the best startups are built on a foundation of collaboration and delivering the right value. 

Core Values

  • Innovation: Encourage experimentation, embrace calculated risks, and celebrate creative problem-solving.
  • Collaboration: Foster open communication, teamwork across teams and ventures, and knowledge sharing.
  • Agility: Be adaptable, embrace change, and iterate quickly based on market feedback.
  • Impact: Strive to build businesses that solve real problems and contribute positively to Africa’s development.
  • Ownership: Empower employees to take ownership of their work and decisions, fostering a sense of accountability.
  • Keep it verry very very simple

Vision: to be a leading force in building the future of Africa by launching innovative, tech-enabled businesses that drive economic growth and have the potential for global impact.

Mission: To create and fund innovative ventures through collaboration with entrepreneurs, investors, and companies.

Meet The Team

Alabi Abdulhafeez from Provarex (1)
ALABI, Abdulhafeez

Innovation Director and Founder

David Inuwa Bdliya

Business Growth and Operations

Birma Marcus

Compliance Officer

Sodiq Olamilekan Isiaq
Sodiq Olamilekan

Product Manager