Can you be a scam target?

Can you be a scam target?

Everyone around the world is vulnerable to cybercrime. No matter the background, age, gender or income level. Scams come forth as the real thing and they strike at the least expected moments. Scammers are always taking advantage of new technological advancements and as such, create believable stories that make people fall for their outrageous scams. Cybercriminals pry into peoples’ private lives and get private information about them which they eventually use to strike their victims. Cybercriminals are trained to extort from their victims both cash and kind (bitcoins, gift cards, assets etc).

Every single person who uses the internet is prone to get scammed and as such, one should be careful of the kinds of private information they post. There are certain steps we all can take so as not to fall for the menace in the cyber world. You can find the tips here on how to avoid being scammed’’. And try as much as possible to block any suspected scam-related website or source.


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